Friday, December 12, 2014

Reaction from Tigmandru


I want to thank you right from the start  for the humanitarian goods you offered to the poor people of Tigmndru. You were willing to be involved in the solution to the problems the Roma community of Tigmandru is facing  from the first telephonic discussion. I tried then to explain their situation. They are poor people, without a place of work, families with many children. Their houses contains of only one room, where 5 to 12 people live.
The goods we brought from the storage in Breaza helped them a lot. The children enjoyed the crackers, tooth brushes, clothes and shoes, toys, coloring pens, jars with apple jam. I witnessed their smiles and joy which I saw on their faces when they received all these staffs. I know they forgot their beggary for the moment, being overwhelmed by the gifts they may be never possessed.
The parents were thrill for the blankets and pillows because they had none. Some of them put those on the floor because they have no beds to sleep in. The poverty is so serious that some of the table cloth were used as laundry for the cradles. The parents highly appreciated children clothes and the foot wears which will  help them with the coming winter.
         The grown ones found overcoats, suits, ties, shirts, shoes and trampers. All in all, the people were extremely happy with the things received in the clothes bundles.

They also liked the crackers as much as the children did, the rice and the other aliments.
           I also want to thank Mrs Imolo for the visit she payed to us at Tigmandru where si understood on the spot how needy are these people. This way they started to make plans for the future
         The goods you send made the life of the people of Tigmandru more beautiful, bringing them joy for the coming winter. You helped them to hope it can be better.
In the name of the distressed people of Tigmandru I wish to respectfully thank you for your sustaining effort.
         With high consideration,
         Pastor Horea Tamasan

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