Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tigmandru with the Chrismas packages

Sunday Csabi with my father have deliver the packages to Tigmandru, and also broth to Gizella (the girl with disability)one bed, with clean sheets.  
Our contact person Horia Tamasan ,has distributed on that day ,and this is his reaction from it:

''Sunday I received the 100 packages with food, about 1700 kilos, for the people in Tigmandru. The poverty so grand that all the people who 

received it were extremely happy.  It was a wonderful Christmas gift from your foundation.
 I want to give thanks to  your husband, Mr Csaba, who helped us to unload the car with goods. I enjoy working with you because you are good hearted people who sacrifice for the wellbeing of your fellows.
May Good bless your life with beautiful and happy days!
I want to thank you also for the mattresses brought to Ghizela. I am sure she would do it personally if she could because it changed the convenience of her home. I would like we undertake the necessary steps to help her find a place to an asylum where she can be well cared for.
I am very  thankful to our Lord for helping us to support those in need of his grace and our involvement."
With gratitude for your effort,
Pastor Horea Tamasan

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