Thursday, October 9, 2014

Reaction from Deda

 My name is MD Ungur Elena Rodica  and I am the Director at Social Medical Center from Deda, Targu Mures,Romania. We have 30 persons in our Center, which have different chronical diseases and social cases. 
This year, by help of some wonderful people from village Breaza, and by that I mean  the 
Fazakas familiy, we were visited by Stichting Promotie from Holland. They understood the situation of our Social-Medical Center and  decided to help us further ( actually they have been helping us over the years)
. In August, they surprised us in a good way, buying a washing machine(absolutely necessary) and many other things which helped us a lot, like: diapers, cleaning materials and foods. 
We appreciate honestly and we thank you very much. Also, I would like to thank to Mrs  Imola for her support.
   I will attach some photos of LG washing machine and with the splendid curtains.

   We sincerely thank you for your help and support!
 More picture

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