Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Hi Imola,
 We attached the request  for the protected workplace for disabled people that Gyuri has spoken with you in the summer.

Thank you for your help,
Love, Imola Guszan

Filiala Reghin the Fundation Crestine Diakonia

Adresa: 545300 Reghin str. Oltului nr. 69
Fix: +40374011113
Mobile: +40758 059 400
Fax: +40265 513 718
e-mail: diakoniaregen (at) yahoo.com

Diakonia second hand sorting center
- protected workplace for disabled adult persons -
Short description

The project:
-        -  a project of a second hand sorting center where in a protected environment 4 or 5 disabled people could work under the supervision of a specialist
-          -in order to be able to raise enough money to pay for their salaries we would need 15 to 20 tons of clothing items per year which would be selected by the persons by size, type, quality and later sold to the second hand shops which are interested.
-          -is to employ disabled adults (adults who are already participating in our art-therapy group and have minor disabilities and would be able to work in this domain) coordinated by one specialist
-        - by employing these adult disabled people we will improve their psycho-social and cognitive skills but also we will be able to encourage their independence (both individual and financial),
-          given the fact that we are talking about disabled adults most of their parents (who are their permanent caregivers) will soon die because of their age and they would become either institutionalized old people or permanently dependent on social welfare, but if they have an income and are relatively independent they will not become a „social burden for the state”

Income management:

-         - the incomes produced by the second hand sorting center will be used in paying the running costs of this second hand center and the salaries of the specialist and disabled people employed here
-       -   the profits (the income that is above the running costs and salaries) will be invested in the Day Care Center for Disabled and Old People
-          -The Day Care Center for Disabled and Old People - is at this moment in building….this means it is not finished yet we still have to create rooms, walls, doors there is some painting to do and we have to introduce the utilities (light, water, toilets, heat) . After all this is done we have to create the rooms and the access to utilities in standard ways approved by law so we can receive Social Accreditation (without which no social service can work here in Romania)
-        - After Social Accreditation of the protected workplace, second hand sorting center can and we hope it will be a permanent source for part of the running or personnel costs of the Day Care Center.

Partners’ involvement:

-          -we would like to have a partner who can provide us with the clothing items we need for the second hand sorting center
-        -  the partners name and logo will be put on all the visible places next to our logo and will be mentioned in all our reports and PR materials

Date                                                                                                                      Signature
25  September 2014                                                                                        Dr. Szekely Anamaria
Reghin                                                                                                                  executive director

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