Thursday, August 14, 2014

Report from the project"Bread for the body ,bread for the soul"

I`m Ildiko Szep ,reformed pastor and fellow worker of the project *Bread to the body, bread to the soul* started in June 2011. Presently,under the project I visit in  Breaza and Filpisu Mic, 95 old, widowed, sick people or persons who  are living alone, struggling with psychological (spiritual) problems.
During my visits I bring aid(crutches, wheelchairs, toilet chairs, beds, diapers)from the Foundation`s part to the people(patients).I also measure Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar.
The most important is the spiritual help and counseling. If it`s needed I read from the Holy Bible. I pray, sing with the physical or psychological, spiritual sufferer.
Rozalia Brassai, aged 60 lives in Breaza. Few years ago she had a stroke and since a year she is bedridden.
I visit her in every two weeks at home, and hospital every time when she go to the analysis.
I bring her diapers and measure her blood pressure. I brought her aid too: bed, wheelchair, walking frame.
In the last 2 months she was in hospital with heart and pulmonary problems. Presently she gets oxygen in every 18 hours from a machine assigned by a doctor. It`s very important for me to give her strength, when I`m visiting her, because only with God`s help can we accept and carry the suffering and the illness.

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