Friday, August 29, 2014

Reaction of the Emargency Hospital Tg.Mures,Obsterics and Gynecology Department

 Biro Emese ,clinical nurse, at the Hospital in Tg.Mures. She is our contact person over there ,regularly she phones to ask medical supplies for her department.Here is her reaction for the last transport:

 To Foundation Promotie and Van Den Heerik Breaza,

One month ago we have received medical supplies, mattresses , small tables , pillows from Breaza, which is very  useful in our department. We would like to express our appreciation and gratefulness for your generous donation .
We are facing a continuous deficiency of materials, furniture and kitchen equipment.
Hope that your foundation and our clinic can have a long and useful relationship, and thank you again for your help!
                                                                                Prof.Dr.Szabo Bela
This consultation table we gave them  one year ago                  

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Report from the project"Bread for the body ,bread for the soul"

I`m Ildiko Szep ,reformed pastor and fellow worker of the project *Bread to the body, bread to the soul* started in June 2011. Presently,under the project I visit in  Breaza and Filpisu Mic, 95 old, widowed, sick people or persons who  are living alone, struggling with psychological (spiritual) problems.
During my visits I bring aid(crutches, wheelchairs, toilet chairs, beds, diapers)from the Foundation`s part to the people(patients).I also measure Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar.
The most important is the spiritual help and counseling. If it`s needed I read from the Holy Bible. I pray, sing with the physical or psychological, spiritual sufferer.
Rozalia Brassai, aged 60 lives in Breaza. Few years ago she had a stroke and since a year she is bedridden.
I visit her in every two weeks at home, and hospital every time when she go to the analysis.
I bring her diapers and measure her blood pressure. I brought her aid too: bed, wheelchair, walking frame.
In the last 2 months she was in hospital with heart and pulmonary problems. Presently she gets oxygen in every 18 hours from a machine assigned by a doctor. It`s very important for me to give her strength, when I`m visiting her, because only with God`s help can we accept and carry the suffering and the illness.

Friday, August 8, 2014

At Baile Felix with the kids

This year too ,we went with our kids for a short holiday with the caravan. The destination was Baile Felix, a thermal strand near Oradea.The place is very nice ,lot of swimming pools , warm water and different kind of activities for adults and children's too.
In the weekend we had  Zomba fitness in the water, and for the kids swimming competitions,diving, pulling the robe everybody has participated bey the activities and had lot of fun.

Here is the link for more pictures