Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Report from Szent Erzsebet Organization Targu Mures

The Saint Erzsebet organization from Targu mures   ( targu mures , Milcovului street nr 8 ) would like to thank you for your generous  donation , which came in help for 40 orphan children who are educated and raised within the organization.
The organization is in  operation for 15 years,  and his purpose is to provide support for orphan children and adults in any way possible. 
The founder  is P. Bakó Béla Pál , a franciscan priest.
                                                                            In Targu Mures we have three family houses and in Marossarpatak four.
The age of the children within the organization is variable,  they have the age between 6 and 22,the oldest ones  currently continuing their study  at universities. At the moment in the organization  are 22 boys and 18 girls.
After kindergarten and school  ,  the children are further educated and have many other  activities at home, supervised and helped by teachers.
The organization has some difficulties as providing food, school supplies and clothes.So your help was a real blessing for us all. We are hoping that we can count further on your support !
The products received from you are  : flour, rise,pastas, canned fish,washing powder,hair care facilities,soap, sanitary napkins, crackers, candy's,clouds.
  The girls especially are thanking you for the sanitation accessories.The food products were very delicious, and the sweets a luxury  for all of us.
God bless you and your work !

                                                                                          P.    Bako Bela Pal

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