Monday, July 28, 2014

Monthly food-packages for the elderly

Yesterday ,together with our kids ,we  made the monthly- packages for the social cases in Breaza.They were all happy to help .

 We have at the moment 81 persons in the program .The beneficiaries of these program are old, sick and poor people from the village. Every month  these persons are receiving a food package from the foundation.
This family for example is in our food program since 2008,they were betwen the first cases, and the worsest .
In this house lives the boy with her mother and grandparents, the father is in jail for steeling the phone  cables from Filpisu Mic (3 km from Breaza).
The bigest problem in these family is the alcohol,and poorness. In the house is a mess, no electricity , no food.Their only income is the child money, which is 42 lei, and the social money.How they lieve from it, remains a wonder for many of us.
Mostly what they receive also from us they change it for alcohol and cigarets.

Ilyes Gizella, , 83 years old, lives together with his grandson and its family. She is a widow. She had breast cancer, and was operated now her situation is stable.
She is in the program of Ildiko too.

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