Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Report from Szent Erzsebet Organization Targu Mures

The Saint Erzsebet organization from Targu mures   ( targu mures , Milcovului street nr 8 ) would like to thank you for your generous  donation , which came in help for 40 orphan children who are educated and raised within the organization.
The organization is in  operation for 15 years,  and his purpose is to provide support for orphan children and adults in any way possible. 
The founder  is P. Bakó Béla Pál , a franciscan priest.
                                                                            In Targu Mures we have three family houses and in Marossarpatak four.
The age of the children within the organization is variable,  they have the age between 6 and 22,the oldest ones  currently continuing their study  at universities. At the moment in the organization  are 22 boys and 18 girls.
After kindergarten and school  ,  the children are further educated and have many other  activities at home, supervised and helped by teachers.
The organization has some difficulties as providing food, school supplies and clothes.So your help was a real blessing for us all. We are hoping that we can count further on your support !
The products received from you are  : flour, rise,pastas, canned fish,washing powder,hair care facilities,soap, sanitary napkins, crackers, candy's,clouds.
  The girls especially are thanking you for the sanitation accessories.The food products were very delicious, and the sweets a luxury  for all of us.
God bless you and your work !

                                                                                          P.    Bako Bela Pal

Monday, July 28, 2014

Elena in Urmenis

Elena together with her husband Nelu are our contact persons in Urmenis . Elena is social-worker at the town hall, and Nelu is the post men.
They do a great job there bey helping the poor people in their village and the area.


The foundation has there a container which we fill it up regularly with goods from transports like :clouds, sultanas, mattresses, food , toys ,medical suplies,....

More picture about their work you can see here :

Monthly food-packages for the elderly

Yesterday ,together with our kids ,we  made the monthly- packages for the social cases in Breaza.They were all happy to help .

 We have at the moment 81 persons in the program .The beneficiaries of these program are old, sick and poor people from the village. Every month  these persons are receiving a food package from the foundation.
This family for example is in our food program since 2008,they were betwen the first cases, and the worsest .
In this house lives the boy with her mother and grandparents, the father is in jail for steeling the phone  cables from Filpisu Mic (3 km from Breaza).
The bigest problem in these family is the alcohol,and poorness. In the house is a mess, no electricity , no gas....no food.Their only income is the child money, which is 42 lei, and the social money.How they lieve from it, remains a wonder for many of us.
Mostly what they receive also from us they change it for alcohol and cigarets.

Ilyes Gizella, , 83 years old, lives together with his grandson and its family. She is a widow. She had breast cancer, and was operated now her situation is stable.
She is in the program of Ildiko too.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Electric willchair for an old man in Breaza

Today we have broth the electric wheelchair to an" old client" of us. His name is Brassai Domokos 74 years old ,lives together with his wife and son.
5 years ago we have gave him an electric wheelchair ,  which this year got broken and was not possible to be fixed anymore . In this time it was very difficult for the man to do his daily work.
He was very happy when he saw that he will receive a new one. The first trip it will be to the hospital in Reghin (7 km)to visit his wife.
I would like to thank especially the person who donated away his electric wheelchairs and also everybody else who was involved in it .

 More pictures on    https://plus.google.com/photos/109836842144733868165/albums/6035817784872048977?banner=pwa

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Vacation

After a long and exhausting school year, the children's finally got the much-anticipated summer vacation, which here in Romania  last  3 months.All of them has finished the year with good results. Even if the school is over they take lessons everyday with the teacher ,work in their vacation notebook, read and learn some poems, after that  they are free to play in the yard or if it's a nice sunny day they are using the swimming pool.

Now the favorite and the newest entertainment is to jump on the trampoline.
For more pictures see the link