Monday, September 28, 2020

End of the sandwich program in Urmenis

Dear foundation,
Members, collaborators and volunteers
 It's been 4 months since I started the "daily sandwich" project and I've reached the end. It was a beautiful four months, full of satisfactions and thanks, but also reproaches from some families that were not included in the program. The children were the ones who did not understand why they did not benefit and it was very difficult to clarify that others are poorer, so that no one would feel offended or humiliated because of their situation.

Alina, a mother with 7 children, told me that it is very reassuring to wake up in the
morning and not be afraid that you don't have bread for your children. To know that every morning you provided breakfast for children is a real joy.
Susana, the 84-year-old
woman, finds it the hardest to tell her that the program is over. She was so happy in the four months so I will  continue to take her food at least once a week (considering that she lives in the village of Sopteriu, about 5 km of stone road). Otherwise, we are fine, the children have started school, and we are preparing for the situation in which covid 19 will appear and we will go to school online.
Once again we thank you for your help and wish you all the best!
Best regards,


Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Report of Denes Csaba

COVID 19 was a very defining factor this year, with the lives of many families drifting to the brink of survival, so much  that the food was often missing from the table.
Parents from many families went abroad to try to earn some money, but in many cases they
had to come home without any earnings because of the pandemic.
The food aid provided by the foundation was in many cases life-saving. We provided support for families. Therefore, I would like to thank those who took part in this donation, those who gave the potatoes, the cabbage and onions, and those who donated food and sweets. I am thankful to everyone that was involved in this action.Blessings to accompany those lives of who overtook the burdens of others in these difficult times.
At the same time, I would like to thank you for the school bags. You made the school s
tart happier for 15 children who will start the primary school next week. By doing so, we took the burden of starting the school year off the shoulders of parents living in difficult financial circumstances.

I wish God s blessing on the lives of all of you!
Denes Csaba
Vajdaszentivány: 02/09/2020


Monday, August 3, 2020

A few words from Elena

Dear friends,
ank you for all the help you send us. In my community, during this period when many people lost their jobs and had a harder time earning their living, food aid was very welcome. We thank everyone, volunteers, drivers and members of the association for the efforts you make so that all these "goodies" reach us and we assure you that each product will reach where it is needed.

Transport nr 11/3 th of August

Dear friends,
The transport arrived this morning at 8:00 o`clock in two hours we were empty again . Great shipment this time also. Toth Attila already picked up the  furniture for the Orphanages, tomorrow comes for food and biscuits again . Tomorrow 14:00 is coming the nurse Rodica to take gods for their center . Last week we have received from St. Elisabeth Association Glodeni some roomboter , yogurt, milk,which we sheer also with the center of Deda .
The school chairs and tables are also very good.
Thanks for everything!Here are the picture with the unloud
Best regards!
Imola and Csabi

Report from Scridon Mircea from Deda



TEL/FAX 0265.556.313

NR 97/17.07.2020




Dear Foundation,


We write you today in order to show our deep gratitude and respect, to thank you for your implication and your efforts to sustained us, in these hard times, caused by the CoronaVirus Pandemic, that is all over the world, and affected us all, in one way or other.

We are a Medical-Social Centre who provide medical care, supervision and treatment for 42-45 patients. This people have different age, social status and chronic illness (cancer in the last phase, neuropsychiatric, cardiac, liver disease).

In order to understand the importance of your help, we shell describe our situation: most of our patients came from a disadvantaged medium, they can barely pay our fee (medium cost for each patient is 2500 RON, approximative 500 euro, our fee is 1700 RON, amount that is supported by patients and he’s family. The differences are covered by foundations like yours, which helps us every time we need it.

Our collaboration lasts for 8 years, during this time your foundation was were helpfully, every time we ask for help, you were there to give us your support, we consider you our closes friends (Ms Imola was very helpfully, she never turns us down).

We thank you for everything you done and for what you are still doing for us, we pray for your health and strength to go on plans.


 Best regards,



Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Transport nr 10/July

Dear friends, drivers, volunteers
Long time not seen each other !Hope you  and your families are doing all well!Seems that this  Corona virus situation is ending all our plans for September which we waited so much together with our kids .Seems that Romania is having more and more cases which cause everyone lot`s of worries and insecurity .It is possible another lock down if this continues so.
In our village is one case also, he is in the hospital ,luckily not with severe symptoms .
The 10 th relief transport was unload in our warehouse in Breaza . 20 of electric hospital beads are going to be taken to the City hospital in Reghin  ,the remained 7  we gave to private patients .Here are some pictures.
Furniture and clouding are needed by the new Orphanage in Peris which was build by Toth Attila. He is ready with the building now  and  needs the furniture inside.
Foundation Diakonia is using all the medical supplies you are sending , just today I spoke with one of their nurses Bakos Zsoka and told me how important are these supplies for them . She told me that years ago they received throw us one pallet of Iruxol cream(used on the wounds, it cleans them). Now can be found in Romanian pharmacies as well but its  high pries  they can`t afford  it (30 gr 28 euro). It is very precious for their work . The same is Allevyn wound dressing . And so many other things like stoma bags, urine bags ,incontinence's material  all these are distributed to their patient's according everyone needs.
           Another great news to sheer with you is that  the ``Home care ``program started also in Breaza and Filpisu Mic. With a collaboration between Foundation Diakonia and Foundation Van den Heerik a care giver was hired for  this purpose to work  in these two villages. Therefore we are very thankful !Your involvement makes a huge improvement in many people life!
Be safe and take care!
Best regards!
Imola and Csabi Fazakas

Friday, July 10, 2020

News from Toth Attila

Dear Friends
Greetings to you from Romania. In the last 4 months we went through a very difficult and confusing time. I saw in this time many more than before, families worrying, starving, falling in desperation and crying for help. Specially with gypsies families whom had no savings, or anything deposited this was a very very challenging time. There was many of them whom stayed in their house for days without eating because they had no other choice. I this letter I want to thank you very much that you and your organization was next to us in this difficult time. All those foods what we received from you, the potatoes, onions, canned vegetables, packed food packets, pita bread, baby food, cabbage, eggs and many more was more than a great help for this families. Its hard to write down the experience what we had when we gave to families the food. There was some whom didn’t know how to thank enough and there was some whom started to cry because they was so touched about the help.
I know that to provide so many food for us you made a huge sacrifice for us, I want to thank you for everyone who donated, financed,  packed transported and whatever part you take to make this happened. Your help was really had a great impact here.
We wish you all the best and a great reward from above for what you did with us!Some pictures  right here.
With thanks and respect
Pastor Attila Toth