Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Report of John Fracker from Viile Tecii

Christmas is a reminder for us all how much God loves us, to send His one and only son to this world. So as the world celebrates the birth of a savior it’s a time to rejoice and feel loved. But for many children and families living in Romania it would seem hard to rejoice and feel loved living it such hard conditions.


But when we pull up and tell them we have friends that have made sure they see and feel Gods love over Christmas, placing a package of groceries in their hands puts a smile on their faces.

This year with your generosity we have been able to help 200 families during Christmas.Also we have ministry partners that helped with boxes for Christmas for the children. Together we have been able to share Gods love in a way they will remember for some time. 

Please know we are so grateful for this help and together we are making a difference in the lives of so many in Romania.

See more pictures right here.

John Fracker

Report of Toth Attila from Teleios Association

Dear Friends

First of all I want to wish you a very Happy and Blessed New Year!We also want to thank you that in the last year, when everything was so different and difficult you faithfully were with us with your support and your encouragement.
In this short letter I want to thank you specially the Christmas food packages what you sent and provided this year again. We received from you 200 packages what means that you blessed 200 poor gipsy families at this Christmas season. This food packages are always a huge help for these needy families but with this virus when many of this poor families has even less opportunity to gain some income this was an excellent help in the most needy time. We saw that joy and the appreciation in these peoples as they appreciated and thanked very much this package.
My heart is specially break when I saw in this families many children. These children are living in very hard condition but the worse part is when I see them that they have no food for days. Thank to you at this Christmas season every needy family whom we know here had some food. That such a joyful thing,
Your generosity and faithfulness is a great example and inspiration for us. God bless you richly in this Now Year
See the pictures right here.
With thanks and respect
Pastor Attila Toth

Report of nurse Rodica from Deda

Dear foundation, 

Another year has passed, a difficult year for all of us, with many trials, with great mental pressure, generated by the fear of infection with Covid -19 and by the negative consequences both from the point of view of health and economically. Some of the elderly people, who were waiting for me with tears of gratitude, went to other dimensions and I found other people crying because of the disease, the fear of tomorrow. The young people are trying to adapt to the new rules imposed by the current situation. 

 I am convinced that you too are affected by all the problems that have spread all over our planet, but nevertheless, you always think of those who are having a harder time. . Walking through people's houses, I found people frightened, confused, without hope for tomorrow. A primary reason for the destruction of the human psyche is the insecurity of tomorrow, then comes the physical degradation and all lead to a fall and man hardly manages to get back on line, floating or some never succeed.  I hope God will give you health and strength to get over this Pandemic, to see you smiling and happy at the end of this situation. God take care of you and all of us. I love you for everything you represent for us and I hug you dearly. 

See the pictures over  here .

Rodica Pascan  ,Deda

Monday, December 28, 2020

Report of Elena from Urmenis

Dear friends,

This year was a tough one for me and for all of us. But in the end everyone it’s fine and in the spirit of holiday to  bring a spark of joy we prepare packages with food for the poor one. We distributed bags of potatoes , than eggs and the people were very thankful. Following the restrictions imposed this year we decide to call some of people to bring personal the package and for elderly and sick one we send this home.

Everything went well , the people were happy and grateful. Thank you a lot for all the support and we wish you a  Happy Christmas!  

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  Kind regards,



Monday, December 21, 2020

Puiu Dumitru

 We all know that  in these times when the pandemic is affecting our lives the poor and the lonely elderly are the most vulnerable category,and they are now even more isolated and hopeless.

Puiu Dumitru is 70 years old , lives alone in Filpisu Mic in a small house which we renovated in 2018. Puiu has no children or any relative on who he  can rely on . We have bin his only help for many years already. The story of Puiu is one like many other: the story of a lonely elderly. Forgotten by relatives and neglected bey the system where the pension is a promises, not a reality.

Last week during a visit by him we brought him firewood , a clean mattress and bead sheets ,he sad that it`s very difficult for him alone and that he would like to return in a elderly home in Deda where he has been before. 

Deda Center is one of the places where we constantly bring aid materials and food supplies. So our request was immediately resolved. The only thing we needed to make is a Covid test. Wednesday last week he was tested and so on Friday Morning (the test was negativ)we took him personally together with Csabi to Deda. 

He was happy to be there again .

For the moment  it is a temporary solution for the winter time .

Special thanks  for all those involvements and help who made possible this action in record time.

See some  pictures

Kind regards!

Imola Fazakas

Report from Rainbow Foundation

Our foundation has been working for over 20 years among socially disadvantaged children in one of the poorest regions of our country. The Rainbow Foundation was called into life when the local reformed pastor welcomed into his parish two very poor children that could now go to school and have a normal life. With these two girls the local school could be reopened after long years of being closed due to lack of children. Our continuous work has given its fruits, today we are able to offer home, food and education for 45 very poor children, free of charge of course, in our boarding school, that is called the Rainbow House.

       The “Rainbow House” becomes home for children whose parents are often not able to provide for the basic necessities such as food, clothes, firewood, medical care. Unfortunately, these children also have to face on a daily basis situations linked to alcoholism and domestic violence. However, it is not our objective to separate them totally from their homes (in the weekend they go home), but parents often simply want to get rid of them and leave them alone by “sending” them to our boarding school.

 In times of the pandemic as schools have been closed in our country for three months, we now regularly visit our children at home and provide them with food, school and cleaning supplies necessities.See more pictures right here

 A very special thanks to the Van Den Heerik Foundation in Breaza ,that has been supporting the above mentioned activities permanently.

 On behalf of our foundation we wish you blesses and peaceful Christmas. 

Kind Regards, 



Report of Ildiko and Eduard Szep

To Stichting Promotie, Van den Heerik Foundation and Broek op Langedijk Reformed Church

 Dear Friends,

We are writing you to express our gratitude for your help given to the people and families of our church. Both the Christmas packages and greeting cards were received with joy. A few members from the Reformed Women’s Club of Breaza brought the cards to the elderly and in Toldal and Onuca the people received them together with the Christmas packages. Everybody was touched by Your kindness and that you were thinking about them even in these trying times.See the pictures right here.

With a few words from 2 Corinthians 9:15 we want to wish you a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

„Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!”      


God’s Gift

Christians celebrate Christmas all over the world every year. This holiday is an opportunity for people to surprise each other with presents. Sadly for a lot of people this is the only meaning of the Christmas celebration: all the goods on the table and the gifts. Only a few celebrate the true meaning of this day, the birth of Jesus Christ. Dear reader, which group are you part of? Do you praise God for his „unimaginable gift”, or do you just celebrate yourself transforming the holy meaning of Christmas into a holiday without Jesus? What is more important to you, Him who was born into this world as God’s greatest gift to people, or all the things this world has to offer without the presence of God? God sent his Son as a Saviour, so that we could get forgiveness for our sins and eternal life through Him! The birth of Jesus Christ directs our attention to His mercy and love.

All the gifts and hearty meal do not grant us true happiness. We need more than that: relationship with God. How can this relationship between God and ourselves form? The starting point is to accept His gift. His gift beyond words, Him who became one of us humans on Christmas Eve, our Saviour. The gifts we surprise each other with, offer us an opportunity to remember God’s greatest gift to humanity: Jesus Christ. All those who believe and let Him into their hearts will have a blessed Christmas with true joy. We pray that you are one of them!


Many greetings from the members of the Churches in Breaza, Toldal and Onuca,Comlod!

Best regards,

Ildikó and Eduard Szép